Erika manufactures and sells original Chinese herbal candles designed to maintain the balance of mind and body.

What are Chinese herbal candles?

Long ago, Chinese medicine developed the concept of yin and yang.
Yang is a source of positive energy, while yin has the effect of calming the mind and balancing the emotions.
Chinese herbal candles, also known as kampo candles, are designed to maintain the balance between these two elements.

Refreshing the mind, and keeping mind and body healthy!

Together with a doctor of Chinese medicine, Erika has blended medicinal herbs to formulate a balance for mind and body.
Heal all five senses with the light of flame and the aroma of herbal medicine.

Every Chinese herbal candle is handmade.

In order to deliver these candles to you in the very best condition,
each candle is painstakingly crafted by hand.



From Erika candle artist & Chinese medicine therapist Eri Shima miya
to Our Customers

Through my own experiences,
I learned what real energy and health are—both for mind and body.

So, why Chinese herbal candles? Many customers ask me this.
When I was ill, a hands-on experience making candles helped fill my mind and body with energy, helping to restore my physical condition. Ever since that time, I have wanted to create and share candles with a powerful healing effect to help those who have disrupted their mind–body balance just like I Once did.
In developing these candles, I relied on traditional techniques of Japanese candle-makers as well as the knowledge of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Having incorporated these, I continued to strive toward my goal.
Firstly, the manufacture of Chinese herbal candles is technically quite difficult, but thanks to the teachings of a doctor of Chinese medicine, I was successful in extracting the active components. Through trial and error, Erika successfully developed Chinese herbal candles, developing its own unique wick technology to prevent soot forming even when used indoors. I sincerely hope that when you pick up one of our Chinese herbal candles, it helps to some extent to lift your fatigue and heal the Spirit.

Chinese herbal candle supervisor
Dr. Kosuke Fujita
Active in day-to-day consultation in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine at his Shanghai-based clinic. Acquired his Bachelor degree at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 2002. Received a physician’ s qualification (practicing doctor’s certificate) for the People’s Republic of China in December 2005. Earned his doctorate in medicine from the Graduate School of Medicine at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 2008 the first ever Japanese to do so in China. Established the Shanghai Ganlin traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine consultation clinic in October 2012.

About Chinese herbal candles

4 types of Chinese herbal candles considered
from the perspective of Chinese medicine

Firstly, I would like you to know about the concept of yin and yang in traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and yang have an oppositional relationship, but they are both essential for the human body. Yang is one of the sources of energy in the body, while yin works to maintain balance. By using yin when yang is in excess, the body can calm the excessive yang. While yin and yang have completely different natures, each must play a complementary role to the other. For this reason, yin and yang balance each other out.

About Chinese herbal candles


About incense candles

These sandalwood-based candles fill the room with a calming aroma.

We incorporate incense into candles to create our incense candles.
These calm the spirit with a more mature aroma.
Enjoy the fragrance of incense formulated together with experts from a venerable Kyoto incense store.

Use for 2 hours per day. When you want to be refreshed, just light the flame and fill the room with fragrant incense for a couple of hours.

About Chinese herbal candles

Incorporates traditional Chinese medicine ingredients with incense.
Simply hanging it up in a room or placing in a chest of drawers
allows you to enjoy the fragrance for about three months.

The Chinese Herbal Aroma Oval contains herbal ingredients encased in wax, enabling you to enjoy its fragrance.

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